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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

FINALLY Times Square Smut the BOOK is available! Purchase Today.

After seven years of research, TIMES SQUARE SMUT is finally available.  It tells the story of 72 books which were banned by the Supreme Court of the United States.  A mobster, a fetishist and a pin up king all conspire to destroy the moral fiber of 1950s America!   ORDER TODAY in paperback or instant PDF Download. Ebook for Ipad soon.  Includes unpublished Joe Shuster drawings, over 300 illustrations of rare books, wicked good drawings by Eugene Bilbrew not seen for 50 years and much, much more. 

Some highlights of the book below, and a free preview is available on the Blurb.com Site with ordering information.  Selected pages below.  Order the book HERE.

Bettie Page Dyes Her Hair Red by Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton draws Bettie Page, as "Bette" for the Leonard Burtman special edition FOCUS ON BETTIE PAGE in 1963.  The model had retired and gone missing long before then, but she could still sell magazines.  Lots of them.  Cover of Focus on Bettie Page below. 

Viva Vea The Mexican Pin Up Magazine of the 1950s

Another lovely cover of Vea, the Mexican Pin Up Magazine of the 1950s.  More information on the south of the border spice is HERE

Check out THIS Tittfield! Tura Satana Learns to Speak German!

Der bombastische Tura Satana und ihren Freunden herumtollen für ein deutsches Publikum! Drei Tefelinnen sterben mit der liebe und DM Liben Spielen ....... in der Tat!
Books and Ebooks available HERE

Bettie Page Wears a Hand Painted Bra and Panty Set to Foil Censors

To foil censors, a low tech fix!  A formerly topless and bottomless photograph of Bettie Page is embellished by hand prior to publishing in Fiesta.  

Sinnator Charlotte and the International Black Burlesque Company in Detroit Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 45

Sinnator Charlotte is a Black Burlesquer who likes to trick people into learning history.  She has said "There is nothing more powerful in the world than a scantily clad woman" and we have to agree. So Sinnator Charlotte and the group she founded several years ago in Detroit THE INTERNATIONAL BLACK BURLESQUE COMPANY becomes our Vintage Sleaze Contemporary profile Number 45!

As Detroit City slumped in past years, large parts of the history was lost too.  Like every major city, Detroit had a neighborhood with fewer rules than the rest.  For African-American workers Paradise Valley was the place for Black entertainment, It served those who had traveled north for jobs and to build equipment for World War Two. The center was Hastings Street.  A chunk of real estate as important as Chicago's South Side and Harlem.  John Lee Hooker, lived there.  Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald passed through.  One performer even wrote a bluesy opera about it, The Hastings Street Opera parts one and two by Bob "Detroit Count" was released in 1948.  Much of the area was wiped out through urban renewal.

Sinnator Charlotte laments the loss of that culture which came and went. so she is bringing it back!  With fifteen years of ballet, tap, jazz, and Western African Dance Sinnator Charlotte certainly has the skill to entertain.  Like most burlesque beauties, she has a few nicknames.  One is the ambASSador of burlesque.

Ms Charlotte has performed, given lectures and best of all is the annual performances of the IBBC.  February 21st is the 2015 show, performed appropriately at the Hastings Street Ballroom.  Tickets and more information is available on the Facebook Event Page HERE

Senator was willing to share some of her experiences with us:

"I hosted a lecture series at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American history called Unveiling the Hidden Story of Black Burlesque. It was designed, not with the burlesque enthusiast in mind but rather the person who knew little or nothing about the art form at all. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to teach an all-inclusive story of burlesque while the patrons minds where still new to the concept."

"You could say I stole those patrons before they associated burlesque with a ‘white people thing’. There have been plenty of efforts, articles and initiatives by women within the burlesque community to be all inclusive. But I had to ask myself two questions: What has been done to spread the gospel about burlesquers of color outside of burlesque?  What can I do to expound upon outreach and progress that has been made in this area?"

A brief clip demonstrating the atmosphere you can expect?  Of course!  Believe me, when you go, you will be both entertained and schooled.   This is from the show last year.

Again, the next performance of the IBBC is almost HERE!  It is appropriately being staged at the Hastings Street  Gallery on Milwaukee, mere steps from the Hastings Street  Bob "Detroit Count" sang about in 1948.  More information on the show is HERE on the IBBC Facebook Page.  Additional links include Black Burlesque.com and Sinnator Charlotte's Facebook Page HERE.


Way down below, listen to the Detroit Count sing his Hastings Street Opera!  

VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY is a series which profiles contemporary artists and cartoonists working today who have been influenced by vintage sleaze. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series links to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. EACH POST IN THE VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY SERIES WAS CREATED WITH THE ARTIST'S PERMISSION AND CONTRIBUTIONS. Serious artists are participating in this series, all with their permission.  Please respect their efforts and intellectual property. Artists who have contributed so far include: Marty Winters  Annabelle Baxter  Lena Chandhok, Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Jane Dickson, Hudson Marquez Astrid Daley, Adam Street Antonio Lapone, Leslie Cabarga, Trevor Alixopulus, Paul Swartz, Rebecca Whitaker, Denis St. John, Zahira Kelly, Fairfax and Emery, Elizabeth Watasin, Stephen Adams  Jane Dickson, Mala Mastroberte  William Schmidt  Darlene MacNeil Lila Rees Honey LuLu  Tony Fitzpatrick Ryan Heshka Maly Siri  Chauntelle Anne Tibbals and many more. If your work is influenced by the girlie cartoons or pinup models of the past, we would love to see your work.

Marty Winters take on the Stags Recent Paintings on exhibit at the Dirty Show in Detroit 2015

One of our favorite painters Marty Winters has taken on stag films in his installation piece "The History of Film" showing at the the annual DIRTY SHOW, one of the most popular events helping to bring back the Motor City.  The work includes the above individual paintings, hyper realistic and essentially Neo Trompe-l'oeil.  The artist frequently uses images from the sleazy underbelly of contemporary (and in this case, slightly earlier) popular culture, and he is one of the most interesting artists taking on our past and current sins.  Great work and available by contacting the artist at HEYMARTY@ATT.NET or by attending the DIRTY SHOW which runs through February 21 in Detroit.

Our earlier profile of Marty Winters is HERE

How Hot Was It? ENEG's Devil Doll Takes a Dip

We have decided not to believe in winter...so here is the complete Devil Doll cartoon of Gene Bilbrew AKA Eneg for Diabolique Magazine. Three panels.  A Selbee publication, circa 1963, No Date.

Reginald Heade Dirty British Paperback Books from the 1950s

Reginald Heade, AKA Reginald Cyril Webb produced some of the best (then) filthy covers from over the pond after WW2. Despite making some 300 covers for England's horny men, very little is known about him. He passed away in 1957 leaving a short paper trail but some of the spiciest cover illustrations ever.  Not all of them made it over to the states, but some were distributed here, others were carried home by guys who might have feared customs digging through their luggage.  At the time, these were risqué and risky contraband to travel with, and at least one publisher went up on obscenity charges.

In many ways, Reggie Heade was the forerunner of the vintage sleaze illustrators of the 1960s.  An unknown artist working on the edge with considerable unrecognized talent. He chose a field where his work had no function other than to arouse a potential customer's sexual frustration and drag out a few coins.  No doubt they worked, but time has chewed up most of the books. Acid-based paper is taking what the censors missed and the original owners tossed. 

Reginald Heade covers are desired still…now by collectors rather then those hoping for a cheap thrill. Today the work and the books may seem tame, and frankly, just not as arousing as they once were.  Still, Heade opened a few doors for later artists who worked behind closed ones.  As far as "Good Girl Art" (as it has come to be known) few were better.

They look older, but the covers were done in the early 1950s. In the 1940s, Heade did Western covers and even some children's books. There may be some not yet seen or identified, as he did not sign all his work. He also was known to use at least one pseudonym. Some of the work has been reissued by cheeky contemporary publishers.
Nearly 25 years ago, popular culture historian Steve Chibnall recognized the painter and published a biography of sorts. He managed to assemble well over a hundred images of covers by Heade.   A few copies of REGINALD HEADE: ENGLAND'S GREATEST ARTIST are available from used book dealers.  The best online source for information is HERE and HERE. Heade is also covered in Gary Lovisi's Dames Dolls and Delinquents. Original vintage books with Heade covers turn up on eBay from time to time.

Elke Baroness von Schletz Knows What is Best for Men (AND she PAINTS) Elke Sommers Paints.

Celebrity painters seldom amount to much.  Red Skelton, Ronnie Wood, Sly Stallone, Miles Davis...even Tony Bennett.  All great, but snubbed by the insular real art world.  They all painted when they should have performed. But we make an exception for Elke Sommer.  Why?  Because the art world treats women artists like crap.  Sexism abounds. I have no idea why, but painting is STILL seen as a hard ham-fisted manly activity.  Think Jackson Pollock grunting over a floor-sized abstract, or Julian Schnabel bossing the city of New York into allowing his rooftop to exceed New York City limits.  It helps if you are a troubled genius who drinks too much too. Well, Elke is neither of those, as far as I know..AND her paintings are FOR SALE HERE I think.  Most seem sold, but I didn't click through too many.  Give Elke Sommer some major love.  Buy a Painting!

Monozygotic Twins Entertain in Double your Pleasure by Craig Douglas Bilbrew Sees Double

Even split zygotes won't satisfy the insatiable desire of this leisure chair lover.  He is about to spill his bourbon in excitement!  Chevron paperback books came from Reuben Sturman's massive pornography operation in the late 1960's, and he had the unusual sense to hire Eugene Bilbrew to do a few covers.  Reuben let his brother run the paperback line. In this case, they even told the artist the plot!  Those girls from the gum commercial sure did grow up fast.
Books and Instant PDF Downloads are available HERE.


The Birth of Rock and Roll is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon.  I received a copy and it turned out beautiful.  A coffee table book, and a book about music unlike any you have seen.

My vintage photographs were handled beautifully by the fine folks at the publisher DUST-TO-DIGITAL and the design by award-winning Martin Venezky and his Appetite Engineers shop is fantastic.  Historian, essayist and music-writer Joe Bonomo contributes elegant prose. 

160 pages and when they are laid open, each is 19" x 12" of striking jumping' and jivin' humanity!  I am proud indeed to make a contribution to our understanding of that phenomena we call Rock and Roll, and the folks mentioned above helped it happen.  

There will be more about the book soon, but for now it is listed in the art book D.A.P. Catalog (shown here) and Amazon is taking pre-orders.  It will soon be available at the Dust-to-Digital Website and other sources.

It may be worth mentioning that my first book with Dust to Digital, Take Me to the Water (which was Grammy-nominated) is now out of print and used copies are trading for over a hundred dollars…

I would like to thank the publisher Stephen Lance Ledbetter for recognizing the potential of this project, and for the magnificent results.  A picture does tell a thousand words, and in this case the pictures tell a hundred year story like never before.  Thank you!