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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

Bettie Page Queen of Curves by Petra Mason now available at bookstores

Petra Mason has compiled and written what could be the definitive Betty Page book and it is available in bookstores now!

The book also happens to have an interview with Jim Linderman of Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  Bettie Page Queen of Curves will also be available from Amazon this week.

Petra Mason is a cultural historian and creative director who regularly contributes to various publications and partners with Books & Books Press. She is the author of several books, including Bunny Yeager's Darkroom. Her photographic installations include: The Glass House Icon Project in New York. Bunny Yeager is a pinup photographer celebrated for her playfully erotic photos and credited with making Bettie Page a household name. 

Petra will be doing a piece for the Vintage Sleaze Blog soon.  In the meantime you will want to pick this up.  Never has Bettie Page looked better.

Bettie Page Queen of Curves from Rizolli is HERE

Cuddle for Cash Cuties, Nymphets in Blue Jeans, Sex-Trading Clubs of Surburbia and MORE. Magazines Aren't what they USED to be #289

Cuddle for Cash Cuties, Nymphets in Blue Jeans, Sex-Trading Clubs of Surburbia and MORE.   Vice Squad Magazine Journalism.  

Vice Squad April 1961 Collection Victor Minx

Arthur Fox King of Glamour tells his own story of the Strip Tease Business (and appraises Virginia "Ding Dong" Bell)

Arthur Fox had the smarts to put Virginia Bell on the cover of his expose of the burlesque business, but I still slept through the end of the auction... I have to crib this image from eBay.  I'm not sure the original would have fit on the scanner anyway.  (That is a joke at Ms. Bell's expense...we love her and write about her frequently.)  I have no idea what role Arthur Fox played, but he was from over the pond, and I suspect his book was just an excuse to sell dirty pictures.  I'll try to get one from the library downtown and report back.  As for whether Virginia Bell traveled to England, quite possible, but as usual Wikipedia is woefully inadequate. 

Excerpts from TRUE HISTORY OF THE TIJUANA BIBLES available NOW from Blurb.com

TRUE HISTORY OF THE TIJUANA BIBLES is available NOW from BLURB. 150 pages!
Available in EBOOK ($5.99) or PAPERBACK ($28.59) HERE

Vintage Sleaze the Blog Acquires a second newly discovered Candy Barr Film

Lightning strikes us again!  We have located and acquired a SECOND little known original performance film of Candy Barr,  the best Burlesque dancer in history.  Several years ago Vintage Sleaze the Blog found a previously unknown 8mm film of the performer.  The new film runs 5 minutes.  Stay tuned. 


What time is it at Vintage Sleaze the Blog? Time to explain the New Logo

When the Facebook version of Vintage Sleaze the Blog was hacked, they took our logo "Busty" down and put up the one above from an earlier post we had done on master cartoonist Bill Wenzel.  The artist seems to have captured how women feel sometimes...and since we are women-friendly, we'll keep it up for a while!  Busty will be back, but for the time being, Bill Wenzel?  Thank you.  We have done several posts on Mr. Wenzel, a staggering, long productive cartoonist and a favorite...HERE and HERE for example. 

White Fury the Burlesque Bomb who never Stopped Moving

Bigtime peeler White Fury. Patti Kelly called herself White Fury because she was a blonde, I suppose, but as there are brunette pics of her too, who knows.  A fairly stocky, strong fury she was.  In this photo it looks like White Fury could kick your ass AND win the summer olympics on the balance beam or horse…those thighs are powerful.  This dancer would NOT be moved unless she wanted to, except maybe her 44 inch chest.  That never stopped moving.  PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION VICTOR MINX.


Midnight Nurse from Leonard Burtman and Connoisseur Publications

Preposterous photo fiction from the Leonard Burtman series of digests for "The Connoisseur" but of what is unclear.  Home health care? 
Books and Ebooks by the author of Vintage Sleaze available HERE

Banned Books Week. Five Books Banned by the Supreme Court which you NEVER SAW with covers by Eugene Bilbrew

It is again Banned Books Week, a noble annual endeavor which celebrates intellectual freedom and advocates against censorship.  Yes, books are indeed still censored around the world on a regular basis.  Banned Books Week is sponsored by a group of important organizations such as The American Library Association,  The American Booksellers Association, and even the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  We are generally presented with the same examples of notable censored books every year.  Native Son.  The Autobiography of Malcolm X.   Beloved by Toni Morrison.  All books which have been removed from libraries at some time by narrow-minded zealots who do not understand that freedom means freedom to read, and that if we loose that freedom we loose them all.

You won't recall seeing any of the books shown here in the material during Banned Books Week.  That is because they were all banned, and by no less than the Supreme Court of the United States.

On December 29, 1959,  NYC police officers confiscated a number of the books, shown here, alleged to be obscene, from a bookstore at 254 West 42nd Street known as Publishers' Outlet. The books were all identified and were admitted into evidence of the trial of one Edward Mishkin. Mishkin was reputed to be a member of organized crime.  Initially his involvement may have been running numbers and other small time crimes, but eventually he would be associated with the Gambino organization.  A total of 72 individual book titles were seized and all copies, save those used for evidence, were destroyed.

Five years later, Mishkin's conviction was upheld by the United States Supreme Court, and Justice Brennan delivered the majority decision.  The books were indeed so offensive, it was appropriate not only to prevent anyone from printing or selling them, it was necessary to prevent anyone from owning or reading them.  Case closed.

Researching the back story of Edward Mishkin and his obscene books reveals considerable hypocrisy about the way we have censored literature Yes, literature…many of these were written by somewhat well-regarded authors under pseudonyms.  It also reveals the work of the extraordinary cover artist, one Eugene Bilbrew.  The covers here were drawn by Bilbrew, an artist who got caught up in a questionable lifestyle of his own.  He overdosed in the back of a Times Square bookstore in 1974, his work having lost much of its skill and utility.  Because of subsequent court rulings, it was legal to have the questionable activities he depicted in his art portrayed in photographic form.  There was no longer much need for an artist of his imagination to sell smut.  Bilbrew was ultimately rendered superfluous by both changing times and the camera.  Others on the list of 72 were drawn by Eric Stanton, the former studio mate of Spiderman artist Steve Ditko.

MORE INFORMATION ON THE DAILY BLOG VINTAGE SLEAZE AND TIMES SQUARE SMUT, a forthcoming book on the artists, writers, publishers and models who produced the books available on 42nd Street during the 1950s.

The International Order of Girl Watchers Last Laughing Gasp of Sexist Novelty Items

The International Order of Girl Watchers was a novelty item, but it was also one of the last laughing gasps of offensive sexism. It was, of course, not a real organization and there is no official membership roll.  The product of Federal Premium Manufacturing Company of Chicago, the "club" seems to have operated from 1968 to 1971.

The I.O.G.W. employed an unusual distribution channel.  Membership "cards" made of the new rip-free paper were sold through condom machines in gas stations.  In some cases, unaware purchasers may have even thought they were getting a rubber! Same size, price and packaging.  A bleary-eyed partner sent out late at night to procure prophylactic protection might come home with a useless novelty item rather than a license to poke.

Being unable to rip the card was part of the gag.  The card was apparently made of Tyvek®, that plasticized Dupont™ produced untearable paper used in USPS Priority Mail packages.  Whether one can recycle the material is in question.  Dupont™ sells a special Tyvek® recycling kit.

The packet promised an automatic pick-up and techniques for successful body snatching.  Genuine guaranteed groovy action.

The temporary membership card shown here was but a starter kit.  Also available was a plastic laminated permanent version with actual photographs and a free "wandering eye" window decal for your automobile or boat!


Federal Premium also sold a series of racist "Confucius say" comic poker chips and miniature pistols.  

Don't forget to return the restroom key.

International Order of Girl Watchers "card" collection Victor Minx

Lust for SPEED SURFBOARD STYLE! Master Artist John Duillo catches an artistic WAVE.

Bizarre illustration by John Duillo for Man's Daring September 1965.  Mr. Duillo was born in 1928 and passed away in 2003. The Smithsonian holds three lithographs by the artist in their collection, but unfortunately they are of Christopher Columbus, the man who "discovered" the "New World" though people had been living there for 14,000 years.  He brought cats and numerous diseases along with him.  I think the Smithsonian should purge the Columbus prints, and put the "FASTER...FASTER"surfing whip-wielders in the collection instead.   Mr. Duillo DOES have numerous works "in embassies around the world" according to his official (I guess) biography on the Ask Art website. They also omit the surfboard dominatrixes.

Stocking Parade Anita Ventura

I've written about Anita Ventura before on the blog, but all I really need to say is Anita Ventura.  Vintage Sleaze the blog is daily and has a new Facebook page, shown at right.  Feel Free.

Bettie Page Pulls a GUN Bettie Page Motion Picture Strip

Bettie Page Pulls a GUN  Bettie Page Motion Picture Strip.  Well...we know how she must have felt about the right to carry.  

Books and ebooks by the author available HERE

High Heels in the Heavens The Rare Digests Series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog Number 49

High Heels in the Heavens The Rare Digests Series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog Number 49

Eugene Bilbrew does Science Fiction!  
"Privately Printed Edition" 1955 Black Slipper Press

THIS IS NUMBER FORTY NINE IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All

Times Square Smut the BOOK by Jim Linderman

Available SOON from Blurb.com and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books.  Times Square Smut by Jim Linderman.  The True Story of 72 books the Supreme Court decided you could not purchase, own or read and one collector's efforts to find them all.  The curious band of artists, models, publishers and mobsters who created a sexual revolution in 1950s Times Square, New York.  250 Pages with 400 illustrations.  Fall 2014 in Hardback, Paperback and Ebook 

Jitterbug Jazz Date with a Hot Seat Magazines Aren't what they USED to Be #53 Vintage Sleaze the Blog Real Detective Edition

A special edition of the continuing series Magazines Aren't What They USED to Be here on Vintage Sleaze the Blog, in which we attribute the decline of magazine rack sales not to the internet, but to a serious lack of lurid cover artists!  

Real Detective!  Every word true.  

This installment needs no text, as the pulpy pulps do it for us, but if you are interested in the genre, the essential book in the field was published in a glorious edition of 3,000 copies in 2006.  Cyanide and Sin: Visualizing Crime in 50s America by Will Straw.  The book is a KILLER.  As for the issues above, all were cribbed from a typical day on eBay.  MY favorite Newstand!