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Share but CREDIT

Elmer Batters and Eric Stanton The Taschen Gallery Exhibit

The fine folks at Taschen Art Books will open a landmark exhibition which combines the quirky photography of Elmer Batters with a historical exhibition of fetish artist Eric Stanton this week.

Eric Stanton is a favorite of our followers. Photographer Elmer Batters is less known as he worked in the UK. It is obsessive and relentless work. His talents as a photographer would be better known to the public had he not focused (pun intended) on the legs and feet of British models. Like Stanton, he has been best known and appreciated by certain subcultures. The show will be an opportunity to learn and be surprised.  What could be better?

To my knowledge, this will also be the first major show for Stanton, though he did have one back in the 1980s at the Danceteria night club in Manhattan!

Both artists are receiving attention they have been denied by the nature of their dicey work, yet it is significant work indeed.  Taschen has a reputation for fearlessness and considerable editorial ability. We all benefit. My kind of publisher.

The exhibition will bring together over 200 photographs and illustrations from these two masters, as well as rare film strips, magazines, letters, postcards and other archival materials.

More information on the show, the artists and the diverse world of Taschen Books is HERE. The generous publisher also provides a beautiful online magazine HERE. They have been making it available on the ISSUU platform for  a while, and it is consistently the best publisher's catalog one could imagine. The current issue is HERE (with a Marvel Comics story for collectors and a Rolling Stones story for ME….) and the back list of issues are also available. As I said, generous.

BIZARRE LIFE - THE ART OF ELMER BATTERS AND ERIC STANTON will open at the new Taschen gallery March 27, 2015 and continue until May 24. Taschen Gallery is located at 8070 Beverly Blvd in LA. Thanks  to the publisher for the images here.



Big time peeler White Fury. Patti Kelly called herself White Fury because she was a blonde, I suppose, but as there are brunette pics of her too, who knows.  A fairly stocky and strong fury she was. In the photo of her before the Savoy backdrop,it looks like White Fury could kick your ass AND win the summer olympics on the balance beam or horse…those thighs are powerful. This dancer would NOT be moved unless she wanted to, except maybe her 44 inch chest.  That never stopped moving.

White Fury was also known as The Human Blockbuster and a Tempest of Tease, but it was those twin 44s which brought in the bucks.  Ms. Fury worked the floor for some 30 years.  That figure may but blocks, but it was built like bricks.



Ride 'em HIGH Glamour Girls on a Rocking Horse

They don't look much like cowboys (OR cowgirls) but they ride'em high.  Sandra McPherson and Nikki St.John don't need boots or spurs because their horse slides on a track! (Instead of thundering on the range.)  Funfare was a British pocket book small enough for any twonk to hide from the misses and the bobbies.  Today some bounder is selling ebooks of this issue, a practice I frown on. If you are going to collect birds in books, don't be a lazy punter... buy the real thing.  It's more work, but it's more fun.

The author's books are available HERE

PEPSI and Lou Walters. Barbara Walters Father puts on a Latin Quarter show!

Loved and respected reporter Barbara Walters father was Lou Walters, owner (and talent scout) for the Latin Quarter, at one time the biggest burlesque joint in the business.  Lou's club opened in 1942 in Times Square, and it drew SIX MILLION visitors a year!  No wonder someone at Pepsi's advertising agency saw the potential.  Does sex sell? Hand me a Pepsi.

Photographs 1955   First photo Graphic House, second photo Bunny Yeager.  Cabaret Magazine . 

Celebrate IRISH

No, Irish McCalla wasn't Irish.  Born in Nebraska.  Who cares.  She did have red hair...and she played Sheena, Queen of the Irish Jungle on TV.  She was a Varga Girl and I don't drink because I hate hangovers.  Irish is imaginary Irish for the day. In the great melting pot, she is just as perfect an Irish lass as we need, especially if we look at her without beer goggles.  Guess what else?  Irish was a painter.  A member of the group Women Artists of the West.